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Self-registration of training participants

Self-registration allows new participants to create an account via a link. You can create the registration links in the overview of training users in the upper right corner. If you want to assign participants to a group via self-registration, the group should already have been created beforehand, info on this can be found here.

Currently there are three options which can be used for self-registration:

  1. Client-wide registration
  2. Company specific registration
  3. Group specific registration

Client-wide self-registration

During client-wide registration, new participants are only assigned to the client, i.e. they are only shown training courses that have been assigned to all participants via [client-wide rules].

Company specific registration

The training participants who register via a company-specific registration link are also assigned the corresponding company in addition to the client. This means that the training courses of the [client-wide rules] and the training courses assigned to the company are assigned to these training participants.

Group specific registration

Parallel to this, the group-specific registration works, where new training participants become members of the corresponding group and thus the [group-wide rules] apply in addition to the [client-wide rules] and [company-wide rules]. A link for a group-specific registration can only be generated if the group is assigned to a company.