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Example Target group training

If you want to make one or more training courses available to a specific target group, proceed as follows.

1. Creating groups

To create a group, go to the square menu here and then to [Groups]:

Go to the square menu here and then [+ New]:


It is important to always assign the group to a company. Without company assignment, no registration link can be generated for a group.

2. Training assignment

Provide the group with the trainings that the persons in the target group should complete. To do this, use the [Assignment] function and add a new assignment [+].

Stay on the assignment level group when creating the assignment:

In the next step, select the desired training. If you want to make several courses available to the group, carry out these steps several times accordingly:

In order to get all persons into the training, it is best to use the self-registration function. Alternatively, the participants can also be loaded into the training module via CSV import, instructions for this can be found here. To retrieve the registration link, go back to the overview of training users and click on [registration link]:

For the type of registration, select group registration:

After you have selected the corresponding group in the next step, you will find the registration link in the URL line in the last step. You can now copy this and send it, for example, by e-mail to the persons who are to complete the selected training courses. The training assignment remains active if you have not set an expiry date for the assignment, so that the training participants are provided with a new version every year for renewed sensitisation.