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Group management

Training groups are designed to simplify the allocation and management of many training participants. The idea is to group participants with the same training goal/need.

!!! info "Example Example: All sales employees of a client are assigned to the sales training group across the company. This group contains the assignment to the training "Data protection in sales" via a group assignment.

Training groups Training participants can be assigned to different training groups. Even if several groups assign the same training to the participants, the participants only have to successfully complete the training once.

Assignment of training groups

The assignment of students to a training group can either be done automatically during the self-registration or the CSV import or manually via the "Detailed view of students".

Create a training group¶

The creation of a group can be done either via the "Group overview" or directly when assigning the group to the trainees.

When creating a group, the Title and Description fields should briefly and clearly explain the purpose of the group. However, the system does not impose any conditions.

!!! info "Info It is recommended to always assign the groups to a company. Without a company assignment, no registration link can be generated for a group.

The assignment of training participants to a training group can either be done automatically during self-registration or via the detailed view of the training participants.