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The import of training participants with a CSV import can also be started via the tile icon in the upper left corner of the training overview.

The participants can be assigned directly to an existing or a newly created group, but they can also generally be assigned to one company only.

In the next step you can import the file, you can see the formation conditions for the CSV file in the screenshot below. You can download a sample CSV file here. The column "SUFFIX" occupies the column in "Additional" in Privacysoft. There you can, for example, record the department of the participants in order to sort by department in the Excel export.

You will then see which new participants have been imported. The participants that were not imported were already created and therefore not imported.

Group assignment via CSV import

You can also use the CSV import to divide existing participants into specific groups. As mentioned at the end of the section above, participants that have already been created will be recognized and not created again. However, assigning them to existing groups will have an effect, so you can use the CSV import as an option here.