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Entry into administration

The entry to the training administration can be divided into two cases.

case 1: The access to the training administration can be found as a training coordinator via the user menu in the upper right corner and then leads directly via the tab "Training coordination" to the overview of the current training participants.

case 2: As an administrator, you can also access the training administration via the "Administration" tab in the user menu. This, however, leads to the administration overview from where you can access the training administration via the symbol with the hat.

Training Administration

Basically, the views in the training administration are always structured in the same way. The top line contains the menu, which can be used to switch views, switch to other areas or call up wizards for editing or creating. In general, the views (participants, groups, trainings) start with a list of active elements. The menu can be used to switch to the view of archived elements.

Training participants

The view of the training participants is, as already described, the entry point to the training administration. From here, it is possible to navigate to all other areas, as well as to create new training participants and reports on the training courses that have taken place. The listed participants can be filtered via the input field on the right side. The filter will be applied to all displayed fields.

Installation of training participants

Training participants can be created in three ways:

  1. The manual creation of training administrators/coordinators
  2. An import of the data via a CSV import
  3. EA self-registration of the training participants via a registration link

Both when manually creating and importing training participants, the participants have not yet entered a password after creating the training. However, if the training participants know their login name, they can use the "Forgot password" function themselves. When importing via CSV, the login name is the same as the email address.

Auch bei einem CSV-Import ist direkt eine Zuweisung des gesamten Imports in eine Schulungsgruppe möglich. Bei der manuellen Anlage ist dies für alle Teilnehmer*innen einzeln zu erledigen.

Only in the case of self-registration do the training participants immediately assign themselves the password. Group-specific registration is also possible here, as the registration links can be created directly for groups.

The manual creation of a training participant can be started via the tile icon in the upper left corner.

Training participants are defined at least by the login name, first name and last name. The login name must be unique in the client's area. This also applies to archived participants. It is not possible to archive an account and create a new active account with the same login name.


It is strongly recommended that you provide an e-mail address, as this is the only way for training participants to use the "forgotten password" function when registering. The same applies to e-mail addresses as to login names: There can only be one account per e-mail address.

Training assignment

A rule must be created in order to assign a training to the created trainees. See the section rules for more details.

In the video, you can see the attachment of a trainee who is subsequently assigned a privacy training by a training user rule.

Explanation of the fields for a new installation

  • The Status primarily determines whether you can log in to the training portal (active) or not (archived).
  • The selected language determines in which language the training portal is displayed. It is currently not related to the training language. If no language is selected, the language setting of the browser determines in which language the training portal is displayed. If there is no match with supported languages, German is used.
  • The Company field is the only entry that cannot be changed by the training participants. Without specifying a company, the participants cannot be distinguished by company in the report.

Training participants detail view

You can switch from the overview of training participants to the detailed view by clicking on an entry. In the detailed view, the profile data of the participants, the assigned training groups, the currently active trainings, and the relevant rules for the training assignment are listed. The menu can be used to switch to the editing wizard or to set a new password for the participant. An e-mail can also be sent to the person here so that the password can be assigned by the person him/herself.