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Tickets and compilations

With the ticket system it is possible for you to transfer tasks to other users* in PRIVACYSOFT via e-mail. Also persons who have no user access so far can be invited for tasks in PRIVACYSOFT. They will receive an individual registration link with the ticket, which can be used to create a guest access, which only allows access to the assigned tasks. The user access with the role "guest" of an invited person, however, can be upgraded by a person with administrator rights to a role with full access at any time.

For these tasks, parts of documents or entire documents from the "VV", "TOM" and "Audit" modules can be compiled.

These compiled tasks can then be sent with a ticket via e-mail to the desired addressees.

compilation of a new task

To get to the tasks overview, go to the Tasks section via the People menu in the upper right corner.

To create a new task, click on the [+-icon].

Alternatively, compilations can also be created in a TOM questionnaire, processing or audit using the [post icon].

In the first step of task compilation, select from which module you want to add a document, or parts of a document:

In the second step you can add all, or single questions by marking and the arrow buttons or by drag & drop in a partial questionnaire and name it. It will then be automatically added to the task.

Afterwards you can add another sub-questionnaire from a document to the task via the [+]-symbol (1) or edit the task further via the [gear] symbol (2).

When you have finished compiling the task, you can save it to edit it yourself or send it with a ticket at a later time, or create a ticket directly.

create ticket

In the next step you can edit your ticket. Please refer to the table for information about the respective fields.

Field Description
Ticket name
Comment Here you can add a comment to the ticket to enter further instructions to the agents.
To Here you can define addressees of the ticket. You can invite persons who already have user access as well as persons without access. Persons already created as contact in PRIVACYSOFT can be selected directly, but e-mail addresses can also be entered directly into the addressee field. If you want to invite a guest by e-mail, confirm the entered e-mail address with the Enter key. These persons will also receive a registration link for user creation with the ticket e-mail.
Ticket status Here you can archive or reactivate the ticket.
Open Here they can see the processing status, once the ticket is created, it can be closed by the invited or the creating person. In case of a change of this status from one side, the other person involved will be notified about the status change by e-mail.
Notifications sent Once they have sent the ticket for the first time, you will see here the number and date of the last sending.
Tasks Overview of the compiled tasks. If you have not created a task yet, click Create to compose a task.