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Setting up a message option

In the Submission module, you can set up notifications so that people without their own user access in Privacysoft can post processing, ACC executions (such as data breaches) or other requests to the DPO. To enter the module go to SUB in the side menu.

This will take you to the overview page, of course no messages have been received there yet if they have not been set up. The following explains how you can set up these messages.

You can set up a message option via Releases (1):

Via (2) you can set for which modules the received messages are displayed.

To create a new message, click the [+] button on the right.

In the first step of the creation wizard you can select the client company for which you want to create a report.

In the second step you can define the name of the message. Likewise, you can enter a sorting number so that you can determine the order of display in the case of several message options. The type of notification you create now depends on the selected reference document. For example, to be able to report a processing activity, select the template: GDPR Processing Activities / Standard in German (#13v9-recommended). Pre-filled templates, such as Network Protection, can also be selected if you want to have these processing activities specifically reported. In order to report executions and actions in the ACC module, they must first be created in the ACC module. You can also select to create a "Request to the DPO".

Once you have set up the first message option, the message link will appear on the structure data page. You can open the structure data via the user menu: There you will see the link under the associated company. This link can now also be accessed by persons without user access to PRIVACYSOFT, you can see how this looks below.

Execute message

In the notification link, you can select what should be notified to the DPO. In this case, we have selected the notification of a processing activity. The contact details of the reporting person must also be provided.

The next step is to describe the processing and report it to the DPO with a short message.

When a notification is received, the DPO, i.e. the contact in PRIVACYSOFT who has the function Data Protection Officer or ext. Data Protection Officer is notified with an email. It is best to test the message once before passing on the message link, since e-mail notifications from PRIVACYSOFT automatically end up in the spam folder in some e-mail programs.

Release messages

A received message will be displayed in the Submission module. On the start page you can see the messages of processing. For other messages, please switch to the relevant tabs (see arrow). To document the notified processing in the list of processing operations, click on the corresponding notification.

If you have now clicked on the message, you can check the content again and either create it in the list of processing operations via (Create processing operation) or delete the reported processing operation. (Discard).