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To open the user settings, go to "Users" in the administration area. How to get to the administration area is described here.

You can start a new installation with the "+ New" symbol in the upper left corner.

Then enter the data in the first step of the creation wizard. Please note that the fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

Now you can assign one or more roles to your user account. The user roles are divided into professional and administrative roles.

Professional roles:


As a guest, you can only edit the documents for which you have been invited.


The assistants have reading rights and can request reports.


The editors can edit, save, create and invite documents for editing.

Data Protection Coordinator (DPC)

The data protection coordinators (DPC) have all the rights of the editors and can also edit the structural data.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Data Protection Officers (DPOs) have all the rights of Data Protection Coordinators (DPCs) and can additionally evaluate documents.

Administrative roles

Training coordinator

Training coordinators have access to the training administration.


Administrators have access to the complete administration menu. This includes editing the company, departments, users, contacts and keywords (tags). You also have access to the overview of [Templates] (../template/ and the option to view all [Documents] (../object/ without filter settings.


Please assign only one professional role to each user. If you assign users multiple professional roles, the weaker role will take effect.

In the next step of the creation wizard you can assign the corresponding companies to the users.

Next, you can assign a department to the users.

In the last two steps you can preset the filter view of the users. The filter view can also be set by the users themselves at any time.

In the user overview you can see all selected settings. You can change the user's password here, send a password recovery email and revise all data again at any time with "Edit".

Standard contact

A default contact is automatically created for each user, in the user menu they can switch directly to it via the "Default contact" button.

User configurations

You can reach the user configuration in the quick user menu:

However, it can of course also be edited via the administration area in the user menu:

User interface

Here you can switch between the classic user interface and the modern user interface.

Standard sorting

With the settings of the standard sorting, you can influence the sorting of all lists in the individual modules. For example, you can have the most recently changed documents displayed at the top here with the option "by date changed (descending)". Here is an overview of the setting options:

Archive/Delete User

You can change the status of users from "Active" to "Archived" at any time via the editing mode. Archived users can no longer log into the software.