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According to Art. 32 GDPR, the controller is responsible for the security of the processing of personal data. He must take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of protection appropriate to the risk. In Privacysoft, you can record these via the additional functions in various modules (DP, DPA, TOM and ADT). Once documented measures can be selected again from the list at any time in other DPs or TOM questionnaires. If you thus document the measures when documenting all processing activities via the additional function, I create a list of all technical and organizational measures in the overview of measures. The list is anchored in the DSM menu.

Attachment of a measure

Here we show you how to create a measure in the DP module. If you select the Measure button in the desired module, you can create a new measure or select measures that have already been created. This view can be switched to already archived, active or all measures.

Clicking the "New creation" button starts the creation of a measure. The fields Description and Type of the measure are mandatory. The validity period can be documented optionally.

The measure start with the status "Active", by clicking on it you can change this status to "Archived", thus the measure is discarded again.

After you have clicked on "Next", you can still document a more detailed description of the measure and add one or more responsible contacts. With "Save and Exit" the acquisition is completed.

Locking a measure

After a task has been created, it is possible to lock it. This means that it can no longer be edited. A task can be unlocked by the creator or by users with the roles of DPO or administrator.