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Documents, as well as questions can be provided with comments.

This makes it possible, for example, for a DPO to add a comment clarifying a question that has been answered in an unclear manner, or to request a new answer from the person answering the question. In the case of a complete document, it is possible, for example, to show why it was not released or, optionally, to implement a history of the edits. Every user who is allowed to change the document is also allowed to add comments. However, comments have an ephemeral character and are intended as an object-centered means of communication within the software. Comments are deliberately not included in reports.

To view or create a comment, click on the icon with the speech bubble in the gray bar you are already familiar with.

Now you can comment on something. If another person commented before you, you will see this as predecessor comment. Your comment can be designed according to your wishes. You can find ideas in the following screenshot.


Editing options

  1. Save: Your comment will be saved
  2. New: You add a new comment
  3. Archive: An already existing comment is archived
  4. View all: Only two comments are displayed in the short overview. If you want to see all comments so far, you have to click on the [View all] button.